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Each mounting system needs to be thought out completely before you take on the task. From mounting positions, rudder usage, float type and height to creating something that is effective and portable all need to be thought out in advance. I have built over 6 different versions of mounts that are solid and perform, but every boat design is different.

These are some of the video clips taken to give you an idea on how simple the side mount is to use and how it performs. This just composed of a milk crate, 2 x 4, 4 turnbuckles to lock the crate to the kayak, S hook, 3/4 PVC pipe, 2 large fish floats from Amazon and stainless fittings. Kayaks will vary on performance and hull speed, but it will certainly get you to your favorite spot. I added a longer mount and had to adjust the vertical height of the engine to get optimal speed and performance. Now, that the example is made, the next step will be to make it out of aluminum and stainless with even more adjustability for vertical positioning for a multitude of fitments. But for now, this is inexpensive and works perfectly. Take a look on this page to see some of the close ups of the fittings and turnbuckles.


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